Consider Him Curriculum – Sermon


Sunday School Curriculum by Scott Hanks


Consider Him is a curriculum designed to aid Christians as they consider 31 different lessons on the Sermon on the Mount that Christ taught. Each lesson has multiple applications for the Christian to discover. Some of the lessons studied in Consider Him lessons are well-known, yet others are less mentioned, but there is a lesson to be learned from each verse.

Although Consider Him was written with Sunday school classes in mind, these lessons may be easily used for Christian school or college Bible curriculum, youth group devotions, or Bible study groups. They are also ideal for any child of God who desires to learn from the Words of Christ recorded in scripture.

An outline is included for each lesson, as well as a color sheet, and a junior handout. In addition, full color, laminated flashcards for children are also included.  Additional sets of flashcards may be purchased if needed.

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