G.P.S. Curriculum – God’s Principles for Service


Sunday School Curriculum by Scott Hanks


G.P.S. – God’s Principles for Service, by Pastor Scott Hanks, is a curriculum designed to aid Christians as they learn basic principles that can immediately be applied to every day life as a child of God.  Whether the student is a seasoned Christian or a new Christian, these lessons are applicable at every level.  Easy to teach in every age of student groups, your whole church will thoroughly enjoy this study.

Although G.P.S. was written with Sunday school classes in mind, these lessons may be easily used for Christian school or college Bible curriculum, youth group devotions, or Bible study groups. They are also ideal for any child of God who desires to learn.

An outline is included for each lesson, as well as a color sheet, and a junior handout. In addition, full color, laminated flashcards for children are also included.  Additional sets of flashcards may be purchased if needed.  Materials are completely reproducible.


LESSON 1: Being Teachable
LESSON 2: Being Servanthearted
LESSON 3: Having a Work Ethic
LESSON 4: Being Willing
LESSON 5: Being Flexible
LESSON 6: Being Humble
LESSON 7: Being Content
LESSON 8: Being Loving
LESSON 9: Being Patient
LESSON 10: Being Impartial
LESSON 11: Fighting Discouragement
LESSON 12: Living by Schedule
LESSON 13: Knowing God’s Will
LESSON 14: Using Leisure Time
LESSON 15: Having Regular Devotions
LESSON 16: Studying God’s Word
LESSON 17: Handling Finances
LESSON 18: Maintaining Good Health
LESSON 19: Following Orders
LESSON 20: Showing Loyalty
LESSON 21: Accepting Reproof
LESSON 22: Getting Counsel
LESSON 23: Following the Chain of Command
LESSON 24: Practicing Teamwork
LESSON 25: Handling Disagreements
LESSON 26: Finishing a Task
LESSON 27: Communicating
LESSON 28: Being Punctual
LESSON 29: Maintaining Appearance
LESSON 30: Being Faithful

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