God Save Our Churches


Author: Keith Gomez

Both informative and convicting. This book confirms and strengthens the doctrines and principles for which fundamentalists have stood throughout history. God Save Our Churches is a must-read for those who are serious about their Christian life—from the new convert to the “seasoned” Christian.


God Save Our Churches

God Save Our Churches: In a day when old-fashioned Bible Christianity is being eroded by modernism and compromising neo-evangelicalism, we need a return to Holy Spirit-filled preaching. We need to take a stand for the King James Bible, personal and ecclesiastical separation of the believer, and a salvation that is Bible-based.

Attacks and pressure from liberal theologians, along with an apathetic attitude, have resulted in alarming compromise and, thus, a dilution, of Biblical Christianity.

One of the purposes of this book is to re-establish doctrines and re-affirm principles of God’s Word to which we have been committed throughout the years. May God add His blessings to this book.

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