Heart of a Handmaiden


Author: Cathy Corle

A book of encouraging principles and promises to help you “KEEP ON KEEPING ON!”


Heart of a Handmaiden

An impossibility is simply a platform from which God can work a miracle.  There would be no need for a miracle if we never faced those impossible situations.  If we could see our lives from God’s viewpoint, those same frustrating circumstances might just be a disguise for exciting opportunities that God will use to do great things for us.  But first we have to step out by faith when God calls on us to do the impossible, and obediently give our little handful to God, whatever it is that we have and God wants to use.

I don’t know about you, but I have to be reminded over and over again that I’m not the first person to be painfully aware of my own unworthiness and inability to be of any use to the Lord.  It’s always a fresh, happy, surprising re-discovery for me that God’s all-sufficiency is available to replace my insufficiency.  He didn’t ask me to be great, just to proclaim His greatness.  I don’t need any special powers; I just need to be a pipeline for His power.  I don’t need to be anything but available.  I don’t need to do anything but volunteer.

When self is surrendered to the Savior, and my insufficiency is swallowed up in His all-sufficiency, then the miraculous can take place, and God can do His life-changing work — even through me.

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