The Pied Piper of Rock Music


Author: Dennis Corle

A very frank, well-documented, and interesting discussion of music that every parent and teen should read.


The most complete expose on rock music yet. “A fairy tale of old is becoming a tragic reality in America today. The nation’s children are being blindly led away from us to the hypnotic tune of rock and roll.” Discover the menacing role of rock music in the rising tide of narcotic use, sex crimes and perversion, teenage suicide, and the growth of communism in America. Find out what we are “hearing without hearing it” by way of subliminal and backmasked messages. See the hidden lure for teenagers to explore and experiment in the occult.

The author states: “This book is simply a tool with which parents and other concerned individuals may inform themselves so that they will not be ignorant of the intentions and inventions by which Satan plans to steal their children. In it, I have attempted to honestly inform and expose the truth about rock music. My prayer is that people will not stop with simply reading the book, but will use it to equip themselves for the battle that faces them in rescuing their children from the devices of the devil, The Pied Piper of Rock Music.”

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