Sodomy: The Sickest Sin on Earth


Author: Dennis Corle

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Dennis Corle was born November 14, 1954, and born again January 15, 1975. Almost immediately after his salvation, he was sure that God had placed a call on his life to preach the Gospel, and especially for the field of evangelism. Throughout these years, God has used his preaching, teaching and writing in a dynamic way to affect the lives of people across America and all over the world. He is a full-time evangelist preaching in over 100 churches each year, editor of the monthly newspaper Revival Fires!, conference speaker, and college professor as well as an author. His books include: The Crucified Life, Repentance Unto Life, The Chemistry of Separation, The Discipline of Prayer, The Biblical Philosophy of Soulwinning, Elements of Godly Character Volumes 1, 2 and 3, The Pied Piper of Rock Music, Living Up To Your Name, The Modern Day Tongues Phenomena, Why Our Children Are In Crisis, How to Do Personal Work At The Altar, the Reaching The World One Door At A Time Soulwinning Presentation, and a series of children’s books entitled FUN-damentals for Kids.

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