The Discipline of Prayer


Author: Dennis Corle

An excellent book to improve your prayer life.  A help to every Christian.


The Discipline of Prayer

“Prayer is not just for getting things from God; although God wants me to do that. Prayer is a mighty spiritual weapon. Most of us, even those who pray faithfully, have never once used prayer as an offensive weapon to launch an attack on the devil, to pull down his strong holds and break down his barriers and loose those he has captivated!”

“Prayer is the powerhouse of the church. No Christian is greater than his prayer life. The time and fervency spent in supplication to God are indicators of our true spiritual condition.”

“God wants us to understand that to ‘pray without ceasing’ means I get in touch with heaven in the morning and then shoulder the phone the rest of the day!”

“If Jesus prayed all night before He chose the twelve, what makes you think we can afford to make decisions without spending time on our faces before God?”

“If I delight in the Lord, God will give me right desires—then God can honor my desires because He gave them to me!”

“Most people who pray are like little boys at Halloween. They knock on the door and run…by the time somebody gets to the door they have already gone”

“It is not big faith that gets prayers answered. It is ‘mustard seed faith’, just a little bit.”

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