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Author: Scott Hanks

The Bible Explored is a curriculum designed to aid Christians as they explore 31 different lessons about the church.


The Bible Explored is a curriculum designed to aid Christians as they explore 31 different lessons about the church. Although the Bible Explored was written with Sunday school classes in mind, these lessons may be easily used for a Christian school or college Bible curriculum, youth group devotions, or Bible study groups. Two different outlines are included for each story, as well as a color sheet, and a junior handout. In addition, there are full color, laminated flashcards. All of the material in this book may be reproduced for use in your local church.
Lessons included in the curriculum:

LESSON 1 Attendance – Assembling Ourselves Together
LESSON 2 Baptism – A Picture of the Gospel
LESSON 3 Baptist – A God-given Title
LESSON 4 Body – Put Together by God
LESSON 5 Bride – The Church Espoused to Christ
LESSON 6 Building – Local, Visible, and Organized
LESSON 7 Christian – Follower of Christ
LESSON 8 Church – Called-out Assembly
LESSON 9 Deacon – A Servant of the Church
LESSON 10 Discipline – Its Goal Is to Restore
LESSON 11 Doctrine – Instruction of God’s Word
LESSON 12 Fellowship – To Partner with
LESSON 13 Founder – Established by Jesus Christ
LESSON 14 Head – The Authority and Leader Is Christ
LESSON 15 House – A Place to Meet with God
LESSON 16 Household of Faith – Brothers and Sisters in Christ
LESSON 17 Independent – The Church Is Self-governing
LESSON 18 Lord’s Supper – A Church Ordinance
LESSON 19 Membership – Must Be Saved and Baptized
LESSON 20 Missions – Sent by God
LESSON 21 Origin – Where Did We Begin
LESSON 22 Pastor – God’s Undershepherd
LESSON 23 Pre-millennial – Jesus Returns to Reign
LESSON 24 Reproduction – Churches Starting Churches
LESSON 25 Revival – To Give Life To
LESSON 26 Services – When the Church Gathers Together
LESSON 27 Soul Winning – The Main Job of the Church
LESSON 28 Sunday – First Day of the Week
LESSON 29 Tithing – Giving the Tenth of One’s Income
LESSON 30 Truth – That Which the Church Holds Up
LESSON 31 Unanimous – They Were of One Accord

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