Bible Explored Curriculum – NT Stories


Sunday School Curriculum by Scott Hanks


The Bible Explored, by Pastor Scott Hanks, is a curriculum designed to aid Christians as they explore 31 different New Testament Bible stories.    This edition covers Bible stories in Matthew through Revelation.  Although the Bible Explored was written with Sunday school classes in mind, these lessons may be easily used for Christian school or college Bible curriculum, youth group devotions, or Bible study groups.  Two different outlines are included for each story, as well as a color sheet, and a junior handout.  In addition, there are full color, laminated flashcards.  All of the material in this book may be reproduced for use in your local church.

Lessons included in curriculum:

LESSON 1 The Birth of Christ
LESSON 2 Jesus at Age Twelve
LESSON 3 The Temptation of Christ
LESSON 4 Jesus Feeds the 5,000
LESSON 5 Jesus Walks on Water
LESSON 6 Jesus Anointed by Mary
LESSON 7 Peter Denies Christ
LESSON 8 Jesus’ Crucifixion
LESSON 9 The Resurrection of Jesus
LESSON 10 Jesus Heals the Palsied Man
LESSON 11 Maniac of Gadara
LESSON 12 The Rich Young Ruler
LESSON 13 Woman Healed of Issue of Blood
LESSON 14 The Good Samaritan
LESSON 15 Mary and Martha
LESSON 16 Zacchaeus
LESSON 17 Jesus and Nicodemus
LESSON 18 Woman at the Well
LESSON 19 Pool of Bethesda
LESSON 20 Raising of Lazarus
LESSON 21 Day of Pentecost
LESSON 22 Ananias and Sapphira
LESSON 23 Stoning of Stephen
LESSON 24   Conversion of Saul
LESSON 25   Peter in Prison
LESSON 26   Paul & Barnabas
LESSON 27   Paul & the Philippian Jailor
LESSON 28   Philip and the Eunuch
LESSON 29   Paul’s Thorn in the Flesh
LESSON 30   John on Patmos
LESSON 31   Christ’s Return

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