Bible Explored Curriculum – OT Bible Stories (Volume 2)


Sunday School Curriculum by Scott Hanks


The Bible Explored, by Pastor Scott Hanks, is a curriculum designed to aid Christians as they explore 31 different Old Testament Bible stories.    This edition covers Bible stories in Judges through Malachi.  The first volume (A separate volume) covers stories in Genesis through Joshua.  Although the Bible Explored was written with Sunday school classes in mind, these lessons may be easily used for Christian school or college Bible curriculum, youth group devotions, or Bible study groups.  Two different outlines are included for each story, as well as a color sheet, and a junior handout.  In addition, there are full color, laminated flashcards.  All of the material in this book may be reproduced for use in your local church.

Lessons included in curriculum:

LESSON 1 God Raises up Judges
LESSON 2 Gideon’s 300 Men
LESSON 3 Samson & Delilah
LESSON 4 The Story of Ruth
LESSON 5 The Call of Samuel
LESSON 6 Saul Chosen As King
LESSON 7 David & Goliath
LESSON 8 Jonathan & David
LESSON 9 Saul Tries to Kill David
LESSON 10 David Becomes King
LESSON 11 David Returns the Ark
LESSON 12 David & Mephibosheth
LESSON 13 David & Bathsheba
LESSON 14 Absalom’s Rebellion
LESSON 15 Solomon’s Wisdom
LESSON 16 Solomon’s Temple
LESSON 17 Solomon’s Heart Turned
LESSON 18 The Kingdom Divided
LESSON 19 Elijah on Mount Carmel
LESSON 20 Naboth’s Vineyard
LESSON 21 Elijah’s Translation
LESSON 22 Captivity of Israel
LESSON 23 Israel’s Returning Remnant
LESSON 24   Nehemiah Builds the Wall
LESSON 25   Esther the Queen
LESSON 26   Satan’s Attacks on Job
LESSON 27   The Patience of Job
LESSON 28   The Fiery Furnace
LESSON 29   Daniel in the Lion’s Den
LESSON 30   Jonah and the Whale
LESSON 31   Israel’s Response to God’s Love

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