Mission Motherhood


Author: Cathy Corle

Motherhood is the most important calling in life for a lady.  This book is a call for moms to get back to honoring this high calling and treating it as the important job it is.


Mission Motherhood

Success is a favorite buzzword of today’s society. You can’t pick up any magazine without finding an article promising the secrets to success in some endeavor. I know a great title for a book that would be sure to sell a billion copies: “Successful Marriage, Successful Motherhood, Successful ME!” The only problem is, I have no idea what I would write inside the cover!”

The most important job and purpose for a lady is doing what God created her to do, being a wife and a mother. I truly want to be successful in that endeavor; I don’t want to fail. But how in the world do you define success for a mom? What jobs or accomplishments appear on that checklist of responsibilities that promises if I can just scratch off each item as finished, them I’m a successful mom? We can never know if we’re successful in God’s eyes doing the job that God created us to do, until we study and obey God’s instructions concerning what a godly wife and mother is supposed to be and do.

Motherhood is our most important project or calling in life. Making a million dollars or working your way up the corporate ladder cannot even compare to the important job we have for which we wear the title “MOM.” No job, title, paycheck, or benefit package in the world can outdo the advantages of this rewarding career. We may do many things, but nothing as eternal OR as irreversible as rearing our children. Let’s get back to honoring the high call of motherhood and treating it as the important and rewarding job that it is.

Moms everywhere are facing obstacles, battles, and disappointments, and we’re all in need of an encouraging word. So take heart, Mom! I trust that something in these pages will make you smile and help you to keep on trusting the Lord and keep on keeping on in the important task before you — Mission: Motherhood.

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